Whether you have some personal concerns, marital issues, or problems in your family, we can help you with all your counseling needs. We offer Christian counseling that is hope focused and offers you the benefit of our extensive training and experience.


We help build healthy relationships! We offer single and multiple session conferences covering a range of topics, including “Healthy Relationships” for teen and young single adults, “Premarital Preparation” for engaged couples, “Marriage Enrichment” for married couples, and “Prepare/Enrich Inventory Counselor Certification Training” for those involved in counseling couples. We also offer conferences customized for individual churches

Christian Conciliation

How conflict is handled is often the problem. But it's one that can usually be overcome and resolved! Whether the parties to the conflict just need some Conflict Coaching to break through, need the more formal, collaborative process of Mediation, or the more directive process of Arbitration, we can help you.

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