3 Tips for Strengthening Your Marriage

We all change year after year, and that doesn’t stop in marriage! Partners change, both together and individually, which leads to changes in the relationship dynamic. Change, especially within a relationship, often has a negative connotation when, in reality, change can be great.

When you spend a lot of time with someone, it can be difficult to notice these changes over time until all of a sudden it hits you - often in a bad way. This can cause issues to arise and begin to impact your relationship. I want to help you rekindle that flame with a few tips to strengthen your marriage!

Go Back to Day One and Start Dating Again!

A great way to strengthen your marriage is to start going on dates again. Dating is all about connecting with somebody and getting to know them. Simply being around your spouse doesn't always mean that you're deeply connecting. When your lives become busier, it is essential to carve out the time for each other to keep the spirit of your relationship alive.

One great solution to this is creating and scheduling some type of date night. During this time, you can go back to when you first met and learn about each other all over again. You can ask about their day and have a casual conversation which may lead to you learning something new about your spouse that you had not known before. Date night brings the fun back to being together and allows you to re-sync. Take this time to let yourself be free and fully present with the one that you love.

Ask and Answer Questions When You Can

It is essential in any relationship to have an open line of communication with one another. Communicating less or not effectively can be a telling sign of a weakened connection. As you go down the path of your marriage, you will learn things about your spouse that you didn't know. You have to be comfortable asking questions about these things. Don't assume that you know everything about each other just because you've been together for years. Ask questions!

If you set the expectation that your spouse should already know everything about you, they may feel embarrassed and end up not asking questions at all. It’s not fair to assume your partner will remember everything you’ve told them over the course of your relationship. Tell that story again – it may lead you down a path of conversation you’ve never explored before.

Be a Dreamer Again!

We all have dreams that we want to accomplish, but we tend to put those dreams on a shelf when we begin a relationship or divert to another, more easily attainable goal. If you put away your dream or never told your spouse about it, it is time to pick it back up and make it a part of who you are again! You cannot be the real “you” when you’re hiding something you’re passionate about.

Don't let individual growth be a negative aspect in your relationship; let it be a point of celebration! As you grow together, more becomes possible, and you can use your spouse as your fountain of encouragement. Having the ability to express your wants and needs openly with your spouse will open up an entirely new world of marriage for the both of you. Whether you are the one with a dream to pursue or you're supporting your spouse, it's important to express your desires.

Take these steps to reignite your marriage and remember why you fell in love in the first place. Want some extra tips to strengthen your marriage? Schedule an appointment today to help deal with the stresses of everyday struggles in marriage.

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