Project Legacy 20June 2014

MMF believes that marriage is designed by God to be a lifelong, growing, intimate relationship with the most important human being in the world. That kind of relationship is not reserved for a select few that God loves most. It is open to everyone who chooses to live according to marriage’s design and do whatever it takes to be the spouse God designed them to be.  There are multiplied hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in America who do not think it it  possible to have a marriage that not only lasts until death,  but is stronger at that point than ever before. 

PROJECT LEGACY is an initiative of CMMF that seeks to share the true stories of couples who have proven it can be done and who want to help others do it too. 

Congratulations to Rev. Lloyd & Pat Maddoux , our June 2014 Project Legacy Honorees! 

They have a mighty marriage of more than 53 years! 

The couple are  currently and have pastored Conroe First Assembly of God for more than 31 of their 53 years together! 

I was honored to sit down with Pastor and Sister Maddoux and hear them talk about the challenges and joys of their marriage. They offered some of their hard-earned wisdom for couples considering marriage. 

Take just a few minutes to hear them tell just a small portion of their story of building  and keeping a marriage strong for more than a half century! You’ll be glad you did. 

Then tell your spouse and your friends that you want to have a Mighty Marriage that others will want to emulate. If you’d like some help in transforming your marriage, CMMF would be honored to come alongside and help. 

(If you know of a couple that has a great marriage of 50+ years, why not honor them and nominate them for Project Legacy? You can get all the details at www.mightymarriages.or g/legacy.) 

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