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Types of Church Conflict Resolution Services Provided

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The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families meets churches where they are in whatever conflicts they are experiencing. Our onsite assistance ranges from a custom leadership event to a full Church Intervention. Each end of the spectrum of assistance involves telephone conferences in which our church consultant listens to your specific conflict, needs, and hopes. The consultant will then discuss with you ideas for addressing the conflict you face. Through onsite work, a Christian Conciliator will help identify and clarify key areas the church addresses, wrestles with, and/or confronts related to current conflicts. Our conciliator also will equip the church to better face future conflicts with the focus on building a culture of conciliation in the church. Below are brief descriptions of services and assistance we offer:


This service usually consists of an opportunity for church leadership to meet with a consultant to assess and explore steps they may take to address conflict and situations likely to result in conflict. The service may involve one or more telephone conferences with the consultant, or may include a weekend visit so that the consultant can meet with the leadership and explore specific needs, as well as provide preliminary coaching and teaching.

Conflict Coaching

This is the process of providing suggestions (initially by telephone) to a pastor, church leader, or member on how to resolve a particular conflict within the church. The coaching includes how to apply biblical principles to the specific conflict.


Conciliation entails meeting with parties in conflict and helping them move toward a voluntary resolution/ agreement. The meetings are face-to-face and are facilitated by a trained conciliator. These meetings usually involve a limited number of people and address one or more specific issues.

Church Intervention

The Intervention process is designed to resolve a conflict that involves a large portion of a congregation and/or leadership. It usually involves a conciliator who visits a church for several days, during which time they meet extensively with all of the individuals and groups of people involved in that conflict. An intervention team has no authority to issue binding decisions, but upon request, they can provide a detailed written evaluation and specific recommendations on how to address conflict

Intervention Description

When your church engages The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families to serve you, we will help identify and clarify key areas the church and its leaders need to address as the church works through current conflicts and/or seeks to prevent or properly address future conflicts.

Weekend Event

The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families will work with your church leadership to plan a weekend event. During the weekend, a church consultant will work to assess the conflicts in your church and begin teaching you biblical principles which can be used immediately to begin addressing and resolving conflicts that exist in your church.

Custom Assistance

There is no “one size fits all” Church Assistance and Intervention. Each of the above components may be helpful to a conflicted church. Through a consulting conference we will assess how we may best serve your church, and then suggest a customized proposal that includes the most appropriate components.

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