For many people, group counseling offers advantages over individual counseling.  Counseling in a group setting of people dealing with similar issues allows powerful relational dynamics to enhance healing and recovery.  While our groups are led by a professional counselor, much truth and insight also comes from the other members of the group.  Each person is at a different stage and provides encouragement and accountability to fellow group members.


We are not currently offering any counseling groups.

We are taking registrations for a counseling group for men struggling with pornography and sexual addictions.  Once we reach the minimum number of participants, the group will begin meeting.  Contact us to be put on the list, or to get more information.

Each weekly group will meet from 6:30-8 PM on Thursdays and is open-ended.  This means that a man can join at any time and may “graduate” from the group when he has reached certain goals and feels ready to leave.  Group size is limited to a maximum of ten men.

Participation in the men’s groups begins by scheduling an individual appointment to begin the counseling relationship with CMMF and purchasing the participant resource kit. A history, assessment of needs, and appropriate placement in groups are discussed.  The initial one hour individual appointment costs $100 and the participant resource kit is $50. The resource kit includes the group manual and internet filtering and accountability software.

Our pornography and sexual addiction counseling groups are led by ordained minister, retired military chaplain and Board Certified Christian & Pastoral Counselor, Dr. John VanderKaay, and focus on the underlying spiritual and emotional issues that contribute to sex addiction.

Men, if you are not serious about dealing with your problem, this group is NOT for you.  The group is not about playing games or checking a box.  It is for REAL men who will take responsibility for themselves.  We are not here to beat you up, but we are here to come alongside and call you to repentance and to become the man God designed you to be, especially if you are a husband and father!  We are not going to have group hugs or ask you to hold hands.  We are going to ask you to be a man and honor God and your wife with all that you think and do!


Click here to download an informational flyer for Pastors & Christian Counselors to refer to us.

Click here to download a flyer with info for Men who want to break free.

We will soon be starting a group for women in relationships with men who are struggling with pornography and sexual addictions.  Contact us to put your name on the list to be contacted when the group details are finalized.

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