Relationships Building Workshops for Teens

If you believe media messages about the pursuit of happiness, you may be led to believe that the answer would be something like success, wealth, or good looks.  However, according to research, most people report close relationships as their main source of happiness.1 The happiest people pursue meaningful connection and intimacy with others.2 We all have innate needs and desires to live in relationship with others, but the skills to successfully manage these relationships need to be learned.  How we learn to navigate these relationships influence the trajectory in our lives, and often determine how successful we are in life.   That’s where “Don’t Date Dopes – Teen Edition” comes in. Based on Prepare/Enrich/Inspire for Teens and decades of Prepare/Enrich research, PEI for Teens explores how relationships impact quality of life and teaches the skills necessary for teens to create healthy relationships (now and in the future).  The overall goal of this curriculum is to help youth develop their personal and relationship skills which they can use in all of their relationships throughout life.

The 3D-T workshop teaches teens how relationships impact quality of life along with the skills necessary to create healthy relationships, especially romantic relationships, now and in the future.

The lessons were inspired by the work of David Olson and his acclaimed PREPARE/ ENRICH marriage program – sources that are noted for their heavily researched, high quality content.

Among the key topics explored are love and attraction, dating, families and marriage today. The course also builds skills that impact relationship success such as self-awareness, communication, conflict resolution, and success planning.

Specific course objectives include helping teens to:

  • Recognize the self in relation to others.
  • Understand how personality and values impact relationships.
  • Experience the connections between behavior, self-image and knowledge in the context of relationships
  • Identify characteristics of healthy and happy relationships
  • Discover ways to make relationship decisions based on knowledge (including self-awareness and research) rather than fantasy
  • Build skills that will strengthen relationships. (communication, conflict resolution, self-awareness)

Each lesson includes pre-assessments designed to help teachers easily customize content for the specific needs of each audience. Post lesson assessments measure knowledge gained and impact of the class.

Numerous other strategies make teaching easier and more effective. Lessons are highly structured and include brief, tightly scripted lectures, varied group activities and journal work, all carefully timed. Additional teaching tools such as PowerPoint presentations and posters further reinforce learning.

As children enter the age of adolescents, the need for relationships continues. But being an adolescent can be tough.  Adolescence is a time of rapid change.  Teens are striving to fit in to a world of relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners.  Teens are working on developing independence from their families in order to forge their own identity.  The focus in relationships comes more about learning how to make decisions about relationships with their friends, family, and girlfriends or boyfriends. What they learn in this stage, will affect relationships throughout their lifetime, in terms of both habits and from consequences of decisions made during this time. But teens can’t do this alone. They need adults — parents, teachers, coaches, and others — to help them understand, model, and choose healthy, respectful relationships.

God intended this relationship education to come primarily from Dad and Mom, through the course of living out life in marriage, family, and community. Unfortunately, many times Dad and Mom do not feel equipped to teach these things to their children. We desire to partner with parents and churches to equip and help them teach their children these critical life lessons. If parents are unable or unwilling to teach these lessons, we will come alongside the teen and speak the truths to them.

We’ve brought this workshop to Christian schools, youth groups and churches as a Friday night/Saturday retreat, two half day sessions, five daily sessions, or other formats. We’ll work with you to develop a workshop that both gives teens the power of 3D-T and fits into your full schedule.

Download an information sheet to give your school principal, Youth Pastor or Pastor when you ask them to bring it to your school or church.

3D-T is highly customizable to your time constraints.  Click Here for a Course Outline to see the topics of each session to help us better work together to create the experience that’s right for your group

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