Grace 2 Rebuild (G2R)

Has your marriage taken a Detour from where the joy and strength it once had or that you dreamed of it having? You need to take a G2R and get back on track!

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Do you want to rebuild trust when it is broken in your marriage, whether in small or large ways?

You are invited to participate in the small group called “Grace to Rebuild: Twelve Practical Sessions to Help Christian Couples Repair Broken Trust and Experience Marital Reconciliation.”

What? A 12-session group is being formed that will help you develop a more repentant and forgiving character and more effectively demonstrate repentance when you have hurt someone else, especially your spouse.

In the group you will discuss what the Bible says about forgiving, and you will learn a method for forgiving a particular transgression. Of equal importance is the reality that the person who offends or hurts their spouse must demonstrate true repentance. By praying, practicing the methods taught, and reflecting on it alone and with others in the group, you can become a better demonstrator of repentance and a more forgiving person. As forgiveness and repentance come together, healing comes to the marriage and trust can be rebuilt.

The workshop is the culmination of the doctorate of ministry studies of Rev. John VanderKaay and will provide research to develop an effective resource to offer to the Body of Christ to help couples throughout the world to fully repair broken trust in marriage. Participants will be part of an innovative effort to impact marriages throughout the Body of Christ.

Who? The workshop is limited to fifteen married couples who want to learn to effectively rebuild trust when it is broken in small or large ways by becoming a better demonstrator of repentance and a more forgiving Christian. It is for married couples who see that broken trust is negatively impacting their marriage, and they’re not sure what to do about it. The broken trust could be between you and your spouse, but it could also be from a previous spouse, a parent, friend, boss, or coworker. But the broken trust is hurting your marriage. It could be that your marriage is in serious trouble because trust has been broken in a major way. Or it could be that you have a strong marriage, but there is something or a few things that you just can’t seem to completely resolve and get rid of and you’d like to learn how to resolve them.

How? We best learn to repent and forgive by seeking the heart of God. As we discern the Father’s heart, Jesus’ sacrifice, and the Holy Spirit’s leading, we become more eager to repent and forgive transgressions. To aid us, we learn a method of forgiving a particular transgression. Then, we learn to apply those skills to other hurts and offenses. We learn to demonstrate repentance, forgive others, and we also can apply the same method to forgiving ourselves.

This method works best if you work in the group with a hurt or offense that you might have tried repeatedly to forgive. Despite your efforts you might have granted forgiveness (or you might not have granted forgiveness), but the peace and the emotional experience of forgiveness has eluded you. The group will teach members how to REACH an experience of emotional forgiveness by working with a particular hurt that each member is willing to share in the group. (A requirement for participation is that the group members affirm that they will treat everything shared in the group as confidential.) You want to learn how to repent and forgive faster and more thoroughly. Or perhaps, you just want to more closely align your heart with God’s forgiving

When? The group will meet for thirteen sessions and a celebration night before Christmas. The sessions will be Wednesdays, from 7-8:30 PM, beginning August 27th.
Cost? Participating couples will receive almost $250 worth of resources. Thanks to the generous support of Conroe First Assembly of God and donors of The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families, the cost to participants is reduced down to only $50/couple!

But Wait! That’s not all! In an effort to further bless your marriage, all couples who complete the workshop will receive their $50 back at the follow-up party in December! The only ‘catch’ is that the $50 must be spent on your marriage, whether a date or something nice for each other. Although the details have not yet been confirmed, it is also expected that each couple who completes the workshop will be given a gift card to a local restaurant for a date on us!