Individual/Couples/Families Counseling

Whether you want counseling for just yourself, as a couple, or as a whole family or part of a family, we will provide the best counsel that our extensive training and experience can offer.

We use a variety of therapeutic modalities to provide an integrative system that customizes every session to the needs of each client. We utilize Hope Focused Marriage Counseling, Emotion Focused Therapy, Emotion Focused Family Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Gottman Method, and a variety of other therapeutically sound modalities.

We counsel older children, adolescents, and adults.

Dr. John is a Christian counselor. He is an ordained minister and has been a pastor, military chaplain, police and fire chaplain, mental health chaplain, marriage & family chaplain, and a hospice chaplain. Those experiences, coupled with his own 40+ year personal relationship with Jesus Christ, help him to do so much more than sprinkle scriptures into secular counseling. God's Word is the guiding Light to evaluate the solid psychological insights gained from other scientific inquiries. With the utmost respect for each client's right to self-determination, he offers every client the opportunity to consent to or decline using the Bible and Christian disciplines and practices into the therapeutic experience.

Dr. John's doctoral research and thesis were on helping couples rebuild trust when it has been broken in small or large ways.

Dr. John tells every client, "I will work hard to work myself out of a job with you. I want to get you to the point where you say, 'Dr. John, I'll take it from here.'"

If you want real and lasting change in your life, give us a call or email us and let's talk about the next steps toward your new life!

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