Marriage Checkup


Give your Marriage a Checkup!

Have you ever gone to the medical doctor to get a physical checkup and see how your body is doing?

Why not get a checkup for your marriage and see how it’s doing?

A good medical checkup can detect cancers early and lead to effective treatment.

A good marital checkup can detect relational cancers early and also lead to effective treatments.

So what is a Marriage Checkup, you ask?

There are two parts to the Checkup.

  1. Both you and your spouse take an online, secure marriage inventory (powered by Prepare/Enrich and its 35+ years of research and development) that gives an extensive “x-ray” of your relationship.
  2. You, your spouse, and Dr. John sit down (either in person or via video) for a 60 minute session to review the results of inventory and see where your current strengths and weaknesses are and also discuss helpful things you can do about it.

We value and know how important your privacy is and will protect your private information. All information in the inventory and everything discussed in the feedback session are confidential and will remain that way.


All this for only $145! For the price of a fancy dinner, you can invest in your marriage and see dividends paid long after the food from the fancy restaurant is gone.

You also get a 25% discount off any additional sessions you would like to have after the Checkup to work through anything and help take your marriage from good to great!

Just click here to complete the secure registration form and get started today on a healthier marriage.

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