Marriage Enrichment Check-up

Ever go to the doctor when you don’t have any complaints, but just want a check-up to make sure there is not anything wrong that you don’t know about?  Why not do the same for your marriage?  The Marriage Check-Up isn’t counseling for marriages in trouble.  It’s coaching designed to make good marriages great and great marriages even greater.

This 75 minute coaching session gives a snap shot view of your marriage, showing its strengths and recommended areas for growth. We will celebrate your successes and help you improve on any areas of improvement.  We utilize the highly acclaimed Enrich Marriage Inventory from Life Innovations. This makes a great anniversary gift for your spouse or married loved ones, especially newlyweds! The Marriage Check-Up says “I love you and value our marriage so much that I want to celebrate all the work we’ve done to make it great and don’t want even small problems to stay around.”  Evening and Saturday scheduling accommodation available. Why not come see us and then head for a night on the town for a date!  Upon payment, we will mail you a special invitation certificate to surprise your spouse with.  All this for only $150!

Marriage Check-up


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Marriage Checkup Sessions