Project Legacy

What is Project Legacy?

Fundamental to the mission of The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families is the belief that ANY man and woman can have a lifelong, thriving marriage, if they are willing to follow the designs and do what it takes. God’s design for marriage is not focused on just surviving, but on thriving!

Project Legacy is a program to HONOR and TELL THE STORIES of couples who have been successful at building a strong marriage that has stood the test of over fifty years of marriage.  Project Legacy Honoree Couples are nominated by those people who know them best, and show that they have not just survived fifty years of marriages, but have THRIVED!

Project Legacy features videos of Honoree Couples sharing advice and “lessons learned” from more than a half century of marriage. Each month, a different Honoree Couple is highlighted in the Project Legacy 2-3 minute video blog at , on the Project Legacy banner outside the offices of The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families, and in various print and online venues of The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families.

Project Legacy seeks to remove the ‘mystery’ of how to have a thriving marriage for more than a half century, with truths from the couples who have done it themselves.

Want your marriage to thrive through more than half century?

Tune into Project Legacy!

Potential Honoree Requirements

1)    A Potential Honoree Couple cannot nominate themselves. They must be nominated by another person/people who know their marriage to be strong and thriving.

2)    Potential Honoree Couples can be, and are encouraged to be, nominated by their family members (including children or siblings).

3)    A Potential Honoree Couple must be married at least 50 years.

4)    Person nominating Honoree Couple must know the couple well enough to see that they have a strong and thriving marriage.

5)    A Potential Honoree Couple must be a man and a woman.

6)    A Potential Honoree Couple must agree, in writing, to be nominated, and included in Project Legacy, if selected.

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