Christian Counseling Services

Not Christian?  No problem.  You don't have to be a Christian to receive counseling or coaching from us.  We are Christians and our counseling is bound by our faith and ethics, which are more stringent than state or organizational ethics codes.  If you don't want Christian faith integrated into your counseling, just let us know.  We believe you are made in the Image of God and are worthy of honor and respect because of that.  You don't have to believe that to get our best in counseling.  We believe it is true, whether you or I believe it or not.

                             For Individuals, Couple, or Families

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  • Our Innovative Grace2Rebuild (G2R)  1, 2, or 3 Day Marriage Intensives for couples in crisis and/or dealing with major conflict or breaks in trust.

  • Not in the North Houston area or don't want to drive to the office? NO PROBLEM! We also offer counseling via secure Video Conferencing.

Need Help Choosing A Counselor?

Choosing the right counselor is very important. We want to help you get the best one for you.  Click here for "Help-Choosing-A-Counselor." It offers you things to consider and questions to ask to help you wisely decide on a counselor.  Whether or not you choose us, we want you to get the best counselor to help you.

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