Marriage Can Be Tough Sometimes!

We get it. We've been there! Sometimes, the hard stuff of life can throw us curveballs that we need different tools to work through. That's where we come in. Whether you're just looking to rekindle the spark or have faced major betrayal, we would be honored to come alongside and help out.

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Two Parts of Marriage Checkup

Taking secure marriage inventory

You and your spouse can take an online, secure marriage inventory (powered by Prepare/Enrich and its 35+ years of research and development.) The implementation will be extensively reviewed, including the Couple Checkup which will serve as X-Ray” of your relationship.

Receiving the result of inventory

a) You and your spouse can just receive the results of the inventory directly to you when you complete it, with no other contact from us, or 

b) You, your spouse, and the clinician of your choice sit down (either in person or via video) for a 50 minute session to review the results of inventory and see where your current strengths and weaknesses are and also discuss helpful things you can do about it.  

When you fill out the secure registration form, you will be asked to select whether you would like feedback from us or no feedback.

Marriage Intensives

According to, the average cost (including attorneys, accountants, and court costs) of a contested divorce is  $15,500 (though the cost can be significantly higher for couples with children) and takes an average of 15 months!

Either way, there is no ‘winner’ in a divorce. Divorce is the death of a relationship. If children are involved, they are unquestionably the biggest losers.

Traditional couples counseling and relationship workshops have a limited success rate with relationships that are significantly damaged. The Center for Mighty Marriages & Families has experienced a greater rate of success working with couples who have lost hope and are making their “last effort” to reconcile and restore their relationship. Many couples who have experienced affairs, financial distrust and other deep wounds have been able to have success with our Marriage Intensive.

Before calling attorneys, spending 20% or more of the family assets in legal fees, leaving children and moving out of the home, consider investing in a marriage intensive. Are you willing to work through the issues through a more nontraditional approach? Frequently couples who have not been able to resolve their issues with traditional counseling models have found hope in the Marriage Intensive process.

Mighty Marriage Workshop

Our customized and innovative Grace2Rebuild (G2R) Marriage Intensive consists of either one or two full days with just you and our specially trained counselor. There are no other couples in the room. Each day is devoted to helping each partner get to the core of the issues, working through the issue thoroughly and moving forward in a way neither thought might ever be possible.

The investment for our one day Grace2Rebuild (G2R) Marriages Intensive is only $2,500, with the investment for the two day only $4,500.  The one day intensive includes two follow up sessions and the two day includes four weekly follow up sessions and a 6 month check up session.  The cost of an intensive is much less than its approximately twenty+ “traditional” session equivalency and much less than the emotional, social and financial costs of a divorce.

Because you can’t change habits in two days, the couples who have the greatest and longest lasting changes are those who follow up an intensive with 6-8 weekly sessions to solidify the gains.


FREE Pastoral Marriage Checkup for You

Having served for years as a pastor, Dr. John understands the stresses and strains that pastoral ministry puts on your marriage and family.

We want to strengthen your marriage and family, too!

As a small “Thank you” for your ministry and to help you be a wise steward of your marriage, we would like to offer you a FREE annual Pastoral Marriage Checkup. This is NOT a marketing tool. We really want to help you! We will NOT use any of your information for any reason other than in direct contact with you about the results.


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