Whether you have some personal concerns, marital issues, or problems in your family, we can help you with all your counseling needs. We offer Christian counseling that is hope focused and offers you the benefit of our extensive training and experience.


We help build healthy relationships! We offer single and multiple sessions covering a range of topics, including “Healthy Relationships” for teen and young single adults, “Marriage Preparation” for engaged couples, and “Prepare/Enrich Inventory Counselor Certification Training” for those involved in counseling couples.


Drawing from the experiences of 24+ years of pastoral ministry, a military chaplain with combat experience, and the education of two masters degrees and a doctorate, John will entertain and challenge your group on topics ranging from war to love.


Support the ministry of the Center For Mighty Marriages and Families through direct financial support, indirect financial support and prayer support


Discover John's Book

The Surrender Paradox peels back the cover over Chaplain (Captain) John VanderKaay's experiences in war and Hurricane Katrina, his own struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the stigma against getting mental health help.  Labeled as "crazy" he was told by his superiors, "Good chaplains give help.  They don't need help."  After a miraculous encounter with God, he began to fight for those struggling with unseen wounds of war, helping change Department of Defense policies concerning those needing mental help.  Going from being seconds away from surrendering to despair and ending his life, to the point of total surrender to God's grace, John learned that when you are overwhelmed by circumstances, surrender is the only way out.   Therein lies the Surrender Paradox.

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