What's the Difference between Coaching and Counseling?

We get this question a lot! It's a valid one, and helpful to answer so you know how we can best serve you!

  • Tends to deal more with past issues where you may feel “stuck.”
  • Helps heal a wound. The past isn’t healed yet, and needs some more work.
  • Looks into the patterns of the past and where ideas, feelings and symptoms stem from.
  • Is past-focused: how you came to be, feel or think a certain way is the way to move forward
  • Says the counselor is the expert
  • Can sometimes be covered by insurances
  • Is forward-focused. Where are you presently, where are you headed
  • Helps gain better clarity about your vision
  • Helps eliminate obstacles to your success
  • Accelerates the pace of personal growth
  • Past issues feel more like scars than wounds. A scar indicates there was once a wound, but it is more or less healed.
  • Can focus on any area of life – relationships, finances, spirituality, life, work; the list is endless!
  • Says that you are the expert on your journey
  • Is not covered by insurances

Our Coaches

While there is no required education or certifications for coaches, Julie holds two board certifications through the International Board of Christian Care, both in Life and Mental Health Coaching.

She also holds a specialty designation in Trauma and Crisis Intervention. Click on her picture to learn more!

Julie Forman

Office Manager | Certified Christian Life and Mental Health Coach