Marriage Check Up

We're doing OK; But We Want To Go Deeper!

You know that your marriage can be more. Maybe there have been bumps in the road, maybe they've been small or maybe pretty big ones. But, you're still committed, you just know that you need a tune-up.

Running either $35 or $145 (depending on clinician involvement), this is a valuable investment in your most important relationship!

Get a Marriage Check Up!

Step 1: Complete the Online Assessment
Step 1: Complete the Online Assessment

You and your spouse can take an online, secure marriage inventory (powered by Prepare/Enrich and its 35+ years of research and development.)

This can be done in your location of choice at a time that’s convenient for you.

Prepare/Enrich will compile and email a Marriage Check Up report to you and, if you choose, a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator.

Step 2: Decide what to do with the Report
Step 2: Decide what to do with the Report

If you get your results and see that you are doing well and can implement changes on your own, great! We’ll be here if you ever need us!

But if you get the results and would like to engage one of our staff (all are certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitators), we are here to help with that too!

We want someone to Look over this with us!
We want someone to Look over this with us!

We’re honored to help!

You, your spouse, and the clinician of your choice will sit down (either in person or via video) for a 50 minute session to review the results of inventory.

We’ll see where your current strengths and weaknesses are and also discuss helpful things you can do about it.

Free Check Up For Pastors

Having served for 20 years as a pastor, Dr. John understands the stresses and strains that pastoral ministry puts on your marriage and family.

We want to strengthen your marriage and family, too!

As a small “Thank you” for your ministry and to help you be a wise steward of your marriage, we would like to offer you a FREE annual Marriage Checkup. This is NOT a marketing tool. We will NOT use any of your information for any reason other than in direct contact with you about the results.

If you're interested, just complete the form below, noting that you're a pastor and we'll take it from there!

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